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Basic Personal Needs = Self Care

Instagrammable bubble baths don’t count as #selfcare if you’re being constantly waterboarded by a toddler. Other basic human rights include peeing alone, drinking a hot cup of tea and/or sitting down to eat.

Being Tired is Just Part of Being a Parent

We might have signed up for sleepless nights and early mornings; but actual exhaustion is no joke. Rope in as much help as you can and feel no shame about shipping them off to Grandma’s for the night so you can get full 8 hours.

Self Care Costs Money

Don’t get us wrong; we love a good 90 minute hot stone massage as much as the next person, but you don’t need to splash out on a spa day to fill your proverbial cup. Activewear is not essential (but elasticated pants are 100% required).

We Have to Earn the Right to Practice Self-Care

It’s easy for Mums to feel like we have to constantly justify ourselves especially if you’re on Maternity Leave ‘with nothing to do all day’ (LOL). Keeping a tiny human alive requires 100% of your energy and focus every.single.day.

There’s a Right or Wrong Way

The definition of self-care is ‘the practice of consciously doing things that preserve or improve your mental or physical health’. For some people that might be running 10k or practicing yoga; for others it might be binge watching Netflix and consuming an entire Easter Egg. No judgement.

Self Care Has To Be Complicated

You don’t need to meditate for 4 hours or cover yourself in organic Indonesian yak butter to practice self care. Some days, it can be about taking the time to apply some make up (if you like), or putting on a t-shirt not covered in baby vom.

Self Care Means Being Alone

Sometimes lying in a dark room alone is absolutely what we need; and sometimes seeking out friends and the company of others fills our soul. There’s nothing a coffee, cake and a chat with a good mate can’t fix.

Self Care Is Only For Women

Boys need me-time too (that’s why they spend 3 hours a day sat on the loo).

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