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What is The Mum Club?

The Mum Club is the UKs leading event based community and members club for women who happen to have children.

Born out of a unique need for support throughout the monumental change that is motherhood. The Mum Club provides a community for women to meet, laugh, learn, discuss, and ultimately build supportive authentic relationships. Through local franchised events and an online experience The Mum Club offers unapologetically honest insights, exclusive member offers and discounts from carefully curated brand partners.

Founded in 2016 by Lauren Webber and Jessica Lawes, the pair came together with the mutual frustration that there is nothing out there that truly focuses on the women. Mum and baby groups are all very baby-centric and whilst these classes are necessary there is something missing in the market that puts the mothers needs first.

Their antidote to the existing child focused offering is to provide a ‘woman first’ community built around local events accessible for all women.

Buy the ticket; turn up and The Mum Club provide the rest. The food, the coffee, the wine, the sitter, and the conversation.

Not up to leaving the house yet? They understand that – Their online membership options connect to advice guides, expert led articles, a forum with other mums, brands, and exclusive offers.

They know what women need, they’ve been there ( and to be honest are still there). The Mum Club treat women with intelligence and respect for who they are, not what they are.

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