The Best Energy Boosting Foods

When you’ve experienced monumental sugar crashes that result in meltdowns, you know it’s a bad idea to give kids too many sugary treats – especially when they’re tired!
But why don’t we apply the same rule to ourselves?

Why Do I Crave Sugar When I’m Tired?

Cravings for chocolate, biscuits or cake usually come during an energy slump or when we feel low and want comfort as they’re an instant and accessible source of energy. And while, in the short term, that can be helpful, if you have too much sugar, your body will experience a huge high that is followed by a low. And this causes you to feel more tired and stressed.   While we’re not suggesting that we all avoid sweet treats entirely! A healthy diet that minimises sugar can really help prevent sugar highs and lows, mood swings and further cravings. Here are some tips that have helped us with regulating our energy levels.

The Best Ways to Regulate Energy Levels

Check Your Iron Levels
Check Your Iron Levels

Low iron levels can often make you feel fatigued, and a lot of women experience this during their period. Most new mums are tired all the time, but if you think there’s more to it than a broken sleep, speak to your doctor and ask them to check your levels. If you already know you have low iron levels, then taking a supplement (especially around your period) can help boost energy levels and fight fatigue.

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Start Your Day the Right Way

Having a bowl of healthy granola or muesli is a great way to start the day, as the seeds and nuts are a great source of omega-3s, and the oats provide a slow release of energy. You can also top it with fresh fruit and a touch of honey if you want an even sweeter bowl.

Make Your Own Muesli
Make Your Own Muesli

When we can be bothered to do it, we never regret making our own muesli. It’s also an activity that toddlers love to help you prep. And it doesn’t create that much mess. It’s so easy to do, and all that’s required is a big mix of your favourite nuts, oats, cinnamon, and coconut oil. And then any extras once it’s baked, like dried cranberries, desiccated coconut and a drizzle of honey.

The One to Buy...
The One to Buy…

Not all granolas and mueslis are good for you, and many shop-bought packets contain a heavy dosage of sugary dried fruit. So, try to seek out the ones that are nut-based instead of fruit. On the days when you’d prefer someone else to do the prep, the best homemade muesli we’ve found is by Lakeland Mues, who toast all their muesli by hand in their Cumbrian countryside kitchen.

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Sip a Wide-Awake Smoothie

Rich in Vitamin C and fibre, this is an excellent drink to pair with iron-rich foods as Vitamin C aids absorption, while walnuts and avocado deliver protein and healthy fats to balance things out. The oats and nuts also slow down the absorption of sugar from the fruit, and cinnamon is known to reduce sugar cravings.


1 Mango
¼ Avocado
1 Tablespoon of Oats
6 Walnuts
250ml of your chosen milk

Meals That Balance Your Energy Levels

Mediterranean Baked Salmon
Mediterranean Baked Salmon

Salmon is a rich source of multiple B vitamins, which play essential roles in releasing and transferring energy between cells in the body. It’s also good for brain function, which is helpful if you have the post-birth fuzz.

Iron-Rich Steak Salad
Iron-Rich Steak Salad

Swap sluggish baguettes for this delicious salad with juicy steak strips rich in protein, iron, vitamins, and flavour.


Make This Energy Boosting Snack

Walnut Blueberry Energy Bites
Walnut Blueberry Energy Bites

Plant-based walnut blueberry energy bites are the perfect snack to keep on hand. They’re filled with healthy fats and fibre to fuel you throughout your day.


10 Parenting Moments That Leave Us Seething With Rage

We used to think we were pretty chill; then we had a baby. The Mum rage is real people, and we can’t blame it all on postpartum hormones…

When Someone Parks in Parent & Child Who Isn’t a Parent and Does Not Have a Child

We endured 9 months of pregnancy and ripped our lady bits in two to earn this parenting perk; and we’ll be damned if a spotty teenager in a sodding Vauxhall Corsa gets to enjoy those 2 extra feet of door-opening space.

When Another Kid Hits Your Kid

Your voice might be saying: ‘Oh don’t worry, they all do it, he gives as good as he gets!’ but your brain is thinking ‘you stay away from my baby you little shit’.

When Your Toddler Waves At Someone And They Don’t Wave Back

Who hurt you?! How could you resist the greeting of my adorable baby’s chubby little hand?!

When People Get Your Baby’s Gender Wrong

A pink dress and a giant bow isn’t enough of a clue for you people?! How about the blanket with her name on it or the sippy cup that says ‘Mummy’s Little Princess?’ NO? REALLY?!

When Your Baby Hurts You

For someone who can barely hold a spoon, toddlers can’t half pack a powerful punch. When they’re not cutting their teeth on your nipples or they’re ripping chunks out of your already-balding-postpartum-head.

When Your Mother in Law Favours The Other Grandchildren

We know it’s probably us being totally irrational, entirely unreasonable etc etc, but is it too much to ask that everyone in the whole world thinks our child is the most special human being on the entire planet?

When Strangers Touch Your Newborn

We have no idea who you are, or where your probably filthy germ-infested hands have been, but back the hell off and STEP AWAY FROM THE BABY.

When Older Kids Won’t Give Your Kid a Turn

Ever stared out a 10-year-old because they wouldn’t get their skinny little bottom off the baby swing? We have, and we have absolutely zero shame.

When Someone Judges You For Feeding Your Baby

Oh hey there! These are breasts! 50% of the population have them! We haven’t whacked them out for shits and giggles, we actually require them to keep our tiny human alive. Move along people.

When Someone Comments On Your Baby Body

‘You’re so big! When are you due?’
The kids in pre-school Karen, go mind your goddamn business!

Reviewed By Us: The Wander Bag by Wandertooties 

Reviewed by: TMC Dubai Co-Owner & Host, Jessy Griffiths

Pro IconPros

Light and compact

Easy to take with you

Hangs on the back of the buggy

Con IconCons

Limited colours are available

What is it?

A compact on-the-go changing station in a bag. It has different compartments to keep the changing essentials, nappies, wipes and cream. It’s easy to wipe down and has a waterproof coating.

Overall Thoughts…

“I think this is such a game changer. It provides a sanitary space to change my baby when I’m out and about. (*We all know what public changing stations are like!) It also means you can have everything you need to change your child in one lightweight, compact bag. My partner also prefers it to our larger baby bag.”

Is it Good Value?

“Yes, it can save you the cost of not buying a larger bag. It’s super easy to use, folds out in a second, and is easy to fold back up with Velcro tabs to keep it together and compact. I would happily pay for it again.”

Would You Recommend It?

“Yes, I love it. It means I don’t need to carry a huge baby bag when I go out, and it also hangs easily on the back of my pram. Plus, as it fits into almost every handbag I have, it means I can choose any bag I like, and my child also has everything they need.”

Where Can I Buy It?

20% off a Wanderbag
20% off a Wanderbag

Wandertooties has given us a generous 20% off their stylish and lifesaving changing bag. Click the link below and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

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Spring Burrata Salad

Burrata is never not a good idea…


1/2 lb fresh burrata
1/2 lb cantaloupe, sliced into crescents
1/4 lb prosciutto
2 heirloom tomatoes, thinly sliced into rounds
a few fresh figs halved or peach slices
handful fresh basil, roughly torn
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar
sea salt
cracked black pepper


1. Place the burrata rounds on the platter, either just one in the center or around the platter depending how many rounds you have.

2. Wrap each wedge on the melon in the center with a strip of the prosciutto.

3. Alternate layering the tomato slices and cantaloupe slices around the burrata.

4. Tuck in the figs or peach slices in the remaining gaps.

5. Sprinkle fresh basil over the top.

6. Add a good glug of extra virgin olive oil and a splattering of balsamic vinegar.

7. Season with a pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Recipe taken from…

The Outdoor Table
The Outdoor Table

“Perfect for anyone who is searching for innovative hosting ideas, is a fan of fresco dining, or has an open-air space that is ideal for outside fun, The Outdoor Table gives you the tools to take your get-togethers from mundane to fabulous.”

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The Best Stretches to Ease Back Pain

Constantly feeding? Or your toddler is allergic to walking? This wiil help…

If You Have 10 Minutes…

Release tension in your upper, middle and lower back by doing 10 minutes of stretches, which are designed to help you reduce tension, and gain more relaxation and body awareness.

If You Have 20 Minutes…

Ok, 23! But this 23-minute yoga session is specifically designed for the upper back and will really help with the effects of daily life that contribute to upper backaches, pain, and tightness.

If You Have 35 Minutes…

When you have a little more time on your hands this 35 minute pilates routine will not only strengthen your back and work your core to keep your back healthy but it helps with posture too, which really takes a hit when you have a baby.