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EmsculptNeo is a core restore treatment loved by Drew Barrymore, JLo, Megan Fox, Olivia Culpo, and Millie Mackintosh. But does it actually work? The Mum Club’s Editor, Lydia House went to Dr. MediSpa in Knightsbridge to try it out.

A machine that tones your tummy

“I wanted to hate this treatment. I’m so sceptical of workout gadgets that cost a fortune and promise the earth. And with so many slim celebs showing off their already-toned stomachs using this machine, the whole thing felt like a PR stunt. But after two babies, two c-sections, diastasis recti and a core that felt like it had completely melted, I was willing to try anything.”

“Could a half an hour session really emulate the effect of 24,000 sit-ups and give me a toned tummy?”

How does it work?

“I arrived at DrMediSpa and was taken to a comfy bed as a large plated device was strapped to my stomach. The machine uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles and build muscle mass. The therapist explained that she would start it on a low frequency and increase it gradually. The sensation feels similar to early to mid contractions you feel in labour, but weirdly, you get used to it. What I wasn’t fond of was the tapping, which feels like a tiny hammer hitting your skin. This is used to elevate muscle strain and remove any downtime. While this is all happening, the machine also emits radiofrequency to deplete fat cells and aid fat loss.”

Celebrities that have had Emsculpt Neo

There’s a big list! Many of the Selling Sunset cast, as well as Millie Mackintosh, Olivia Culpo, Victoria Secrets models and big A-listers like J-Lo and Megan Fox. And Drew Barrymore has openly said how she used it to regain muscle mass after she had kids and it has been reported that Kim Kardashian also used EmsculptNeo to tone her stomach after her pregnancy.

The results…

“As the therapist removed the straps and machine, I looked at my stomach – which was very much the same! And a bit nonplussed by it all I headed home. After my train journey home I got in the car to get the kids from nursery and noticed I could tense my stomach – a sensation I hadn’t felt for years.
Fast forward to my final session, and the sensation had become harder to take, which is normal, and a good sign, as it shows you’re more connected to those muscles. My stomach certainly isn’t flat. I still have a shelf above my scar and a fair amount of fat, but I can kind of see my muscles when I look in the mirror, and my overall core strength has increased exponentially. I still have separation, but it’s reduced, and the best bit is my body feels like it’s repairing and that I’ve given it a kick start in the right direction.
I now feel that I could regain the strength I had before babies and there was a point (not that long ago) that I thought this would ever be possible.”

What about fat loss?

“Emsculpt advises that you follow a healthy lifestyle to get the best results, “Remember, no wine – just gin!” my therapist yelled at me as I left to meet a friend for her birthday night out.
And I did follow the rules a little. I stepped up my spin classes and tried harder to be healthy. But I also had two unfortunately timed holidays throughout my four treatments, and our house was hit with a stomach bug and flu. So, I’ll admit a fair amount of comfort foods and cocktails were consumed during the process.
So, have I noticed fat loss? Maybe a little. But to be honest, I haven’t tracked it. That’s not why I signed up. I want to enjoy my life and its indulgences, this was always more about regaining strength and mobility than losing weight.”

Would you recommend it?

“Drew Barrymore said that the reason she tried EmsculptNeo was that “as a mother, she couldn’t put her body back together after kids and that her core was like a fish tank”. And that’s exactly how I felt.” “I would absolutely recommend this treatment, but I’d suggest doing it when you can commit to a healthy lifestyle.” “It’s also very costly, so I must warn that this is not a way to get instant abs unless your stomach is already toned. This is a helping hand.” “Reviewing this treatment served as an excellent reminder that we should not compare ourselves to others, especially those who live a very fortunate lifestyle, like celebs. No one’s body or situation is the same.” “Exercise takes time, dedication and effort, and I imagine if I’d put in a lot of hard work, I would have eventually gotten to this point.”
“However, it was lovely to take a shortcut!”

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