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Travelling with babies can be daunting, especially for a first-time mum. But holidays are a chance to get away from the daily grind together and the (good) memories you make will last a lifetime. Flying is the means to that end – it will get you and your family to your destination in the quickest possible time. And while that’s happening, a drip feed of sugar and screen time is totally acceptable. So rule number one of flight club is to forget about rules and routines. Here’s what TMC never travels without.

A Travel Pushchair

Even if your child hasn’t been pushed around for a long time: bring one. While baby-free holidays begin with a slow amble around Duty Free, you’ll find that airports suddenly feel so much larger (and you’re so much slower) when there’s a baby or toddler involved. Don’t check in your pram at the front desk, let them know you’ll be taking it with you to the gate – you don’t want to be carrying your child any further than you have to.

A Packed Lunch

Airports are full of queues: for check in, for security, for the gate. Lining up for food is another queue you can do without, especially when small people are suddenly super hungry. Pack a lunch box, pack snacks and pack some yummy little surprises too. And pack so much more than you think you’ll need; children are happier when they’re well fed, which means you can speed through the airport and put your feet up in a restaurant (for you!) while waiting to board.

Lollipops For The Air

Babies and small children can struggle with the pressure change created by taking off and landing. Feeding your baby during an ascent or descent can save their little ears from any pain (bottle or boob, either will work). For the older ones, take a lollipop. It really will help no end.

A Change Of Clothes And ALL The Nappies

Even if you have older children who never spill a thing, pack spare clothes in your carry-on. Take one full set per child, including socks, shoes and even an extra jumper, and if you have a baby, take at least five all-in-ones. If your little one is still in nappies, take plenty of spares – we’ve heard horror stories about being stuck on tarmac for hours and running out. Oh, and consider taking a spare top and pair of leggings for yourself too. If your child ends up covered in sick/poo/orange juice, chances are that you will too.

Arts And Crafts

No, we’re not suggesting that you travel with half of Hobbycraft, but a shiny new pencil case, some fancy crayons, sparkly stickers, colouring books and a little notebook provides easy entertainment for little ones and gives you a few minutes of precious peace.

Home Comforts

Children often have a favourite toy, blanket, or special item they need at bedtime. Bring it! It will give them some comfort and security, and might even tempt them to have a little sleep on the plane. A couple of large, light muslins are a great idea for baby too.

iPad And Headphones

Now is not the time to say no to screens. They can play games, watch the 1000th episode of Peppa Pig, or binge on as many Disney films they want. A jazzy pair of headphones will make them love the iPad even more, and don’t forget to download before you fly. Then, let them at it!

Sanitiser, Wipes And Muslins

Fact is, children get dirty. It can’t be helped, but you’ll be glad you’ve got something to wipe them down with.

A Small Bag Of Toys

A few small (and lightweight) toys will keep them entertained if they become restless. Bring a small selection that can be used at the airport, on the plane, by the pool, in a restaurant or in your room: think little toy cars, figurines, or a small amount of Duplo.

Books/ Magazines

Bring some books from home – even babies will like to look at the pictures, and all children love the familiarity of a well-thumbed book. If you have time, go shopping for a magazine at the airport with your little one. The process will provide much excitement and they’ll love the purchase all the more.

So, happy packing, bon voyage and enjoy your holiday! You’ll have adventures you’ll cherish forever, so trust us on this – a holiday is totally worth the flight it takes to get there!

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