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Reviewed by: TMC Dubai Co-Owner & Host, Jessy Griffiths

Pro IconPros

Light and compact

Easy to take with you

Hangs on the back of the buggy

Con IconCons

Limited colours are available

What is it?

A compact on-the-go changing station in a bag. It has different compartments to keep the changing essentials, nappies, wipes and cream. It’s easy to wipe down and has a waterproof coating.

Overall Thoughts…

“I think this is such a game changer. It provides a sanitary space to change my baby when I’m out and about. (*We all know what public changing stations are like!) It also means you can have everything you need to change your child in one lightweight, compact bag. My partner also prefers it to our larger baby bag.”

Is it Good Value?

“Yes, it can save you the cost of not buying a larger bag. It’s super easy to use, folds out in a second, and is easy to fold back up with Velcro tabs to keep it together and compact. I would happily pay for it again.”

Would You Recommend It?

“Yes, I love it. It means I don’t need to carry a huge baby bag when I go out, and it also hangs easily on the back of my pram. Plus, as it fits into almost every handbag I have, it means I can choose any bag I like, and my child also has everything they need.”

Where Can I Buy It?

20% off a Wanderbag
20% off a Wanderbag

Wandertooties has given us a generous 20% off their stylish and lifesaving changing bag. Click the link below and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

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