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2 mugs Greek yoghurt
½ banana
1 large handful chopped soft fruit ( strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries)


1. Put the yoghurt and banana into a blender and whiz until smooth.

2. Spread into a shallow dish – I use a deep rectangular baking tray to achieve 1cm thickness – that you’ve lined with clingfilm. 3. Scatter the berries evenly over the top, pressing some in and leaving others on the surface.

4. Freeze for two hours, then use the clingfilm to lift the bark from the dish and break it up into shards as big or small as you like.

*Spare pieces will keep in the freezer for a month. If you’re concerned about the berry pieces, whiz them into the yoghurt-banana mix to create smooth bark with the same nutritional goodness

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