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About Us

The Mum Club launched in 2016 with events for Mums. Now, The Mum Club is one of the UK’s leading Online Publication & Events Company for women who happen to have children.

Our focus is the mum, you. Whilst you look after your babies and families we look after you. Online we are building a wealth of editorial information from Fashion and beauty to culture and opinion. Our events are designed with the mums needs first. Great coffee, great food, great locations with an onsite extra pair of hands to help with your little ones. Your babies need very little to be entertained, these events are for you.

The Mum Club is re-building the villages our generation has lost, and doing it with a happy mum = happy family ethos.

Join the Club today.

Contributing to The Mum Club
The Mum Club are always on the lookout for talented writers and expert contributors. If you would like to inquire about contributing to any of our pages across Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Travel, Careers or Food, please contact hello@themumclubddev.wpengine.com

If you would like to advertise on our page please contact us on hello@themumclubddev.wpengine.com

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