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Smoothies are a great way to stay topped up with essential nutrients.

An easy way to drink a shed load of fruit and vegetables while you get on with other things.

Postnatal Recovery Smoothie

Getting the right balance of nutrients will enable your body to heal better and foods such as blueberries, avocado, and maca (all of which are found in this recovery smoothie) all have healing properties.


3 tbsp probiotic yoghurt
200ml coconut water
1 banana
1 avocado (small)
Blueberries (a handful or so)
½ tbsp maca powder


Pop everything into a blender, whizz together, and enjoy!

Milk Boosting Lactation Smoothie

Not having enough milk to nourish a child can be a source of fear for nursing mothers, and traditionally oats have been used to ensure there is enough to go around. This smoothie is a great-tasting alternative! 


1 banana (small)
½ Mango (diced)
1 handful of spinach
200ml Almond Milk
1 tsp spirulina powder


Use a blender to blend everything together. Drink. Love it!

Energising Smoothie

Energy is something we all need. Enjoy this lovely smoothie in the morning and it will help you get through the rest of the day.


handful of coconut flesh
Handful of Fresh Spinach
One Cored Apple
1 tbsp Fresh mint
200ml coconut water


Use a blender to mix the coconut meat, spinach, and coconut water until smooth.

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